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Hartford Social Security Disability Lawyers

Social Security disability is a program offering monthly payment and health insurance benefits for individuals who are not capable of work.

Social Security offers two types of benefit programs for medically disabled individuals, social security disability (SSD) and supplemental security income (SSI). The programs are available to disabled individuals, including disabled children and young adults. The medical rules for the two adult programs are identical, but the financial rules are very different. The medical rules for children are substantially different.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply for Benefits?
Applications for Benefits for Disablilty can be made online, by visiting the social security website at SSA.GOV, or in person by visiting your local social security office. It is not complicated to apply, and your local office representative will assist you.

Do I need a Lawyer?
Establishing that you qualify for Benefits can be very difficult. In fact, most claims for SSD and SSI are denied, and it is necessary to file an appeal. Frequently, a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge is required. If you have a quality legal representative, the chance of winning your claim is improved.

What Is the Cost of Having a Lawyer?
There is no cost to hire a lawyer to represent a claimant in a Disability claim. If the claim is subsequently granted, the cost of the lawyer is paid for out of any monies awarded for past due or retroacitve benefits, with a maximun fee of six thousand dollars. If the claim is not granted, there is no fee due.

Why Should I Hire Mester, Grabow & Miller, LLC.?
Your Disability claim can be the difference between financial independence or financial dependence on family, friends, or welfare benefits. The consequences of a denied Disability application can be devastating. Mester, Grabow & Miller, LLC. is one of the leading Disability firms in Connecticut, with it's Lawyers and Para-legals have combined 100 years of experience winning Disability claims. Our Law Firm has prepared and prevailed in thousands of claims, and we can assist you in preparing and presenting the best claim possible. We know the law as it applies to your claim, we know the questions to ask your Doctor, and we have the answer to your questions.

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